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Photograph by Scott Suchman

A contemporary Vietnamese
restaurant By Kevin Tien

Moon Rabbit, named for the virtuous rabbit in the Buddhist Jataka tale,
is a modern Vietnamese restaurant located in the heart of The Wharf
in Washington D.C. An innovative approach to Vietnamese cuisine
best describes acclaimed Chef Kevin Tien’s unique and complex
menu, intended to be a love-letter to his heritage as a first generation Asian-American. It evokes memory, honors history, references globally inspired techniques and spotlights reinterpreted takes on regional Vietnamese dishes.

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Dinner menu by
star chef kevin tien

Tien has been recognized by Food & Wine magazine as one of 10 “Best New Chefs;” Washingtonian magazine as one of the “Ten Young Chefs Shaping Washington’s Dining Future;” EATER as a “Young Guns” semifinalist and the James Beard Foundation—both as a “Rising Star Chef of the Year” and “Best Chefs in America” semifinalist as recently as 2019. Kevin was the first civilian recipient of the 2019 Award for Leadership and Innovation by the U.S. Department of State's AAFAA Asian American Foreign Affairs Association. He brings this experience and acclaim to Moon Rabbit, where he weaves together different cultures and traditions to foster a conversation focused both on treasuring heritage and celebrating universal commonalities.

Our Menus

A Love letter
to vietnam

At Moon Rabbit, Tien showcases dishes that tell his personal story. His Sourdough Pineapple Milk Bun served with Hoisin butter is traditional Chinese dish he grew up enjoying. The Grilled Prawn with muoi ot xanh sua dac (a spicy, green seafood dipping sauce with rural Vietnamese roots) celebrates shrimp as an integral Vietnamese coastal staple. Chim cut chien bo (Fried Quail) highlights a popular Vietnamese street food that Tien batters and fries “Louisiana-style” as an ode to time spent growing up in Lafayette, La.

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